2008 crisis confronts Zimbabweans as shops reject bond notes

By Staff Reporter

GOODS are fast disappearing from supermarket shelves in Zimbabwe as consumers scramble to purchase the last signs of the products with some shop owners now demanding US dollars for their products.

Government has tried to allay fears goods were not running out in the country while urging locals not to engage into panic buying.

The crisis is being fuelled by the fall in the local bond note currency against the US dollar.

Government, through the finance ministry, recently downgraded the local dollar which was pegged at the same value with the US dollar when it was introduced two years ago.

There are fears the country is fast regressing to the 2008 hyper inflationary period when even the poorest of citizens transacted in trillions of dollars in local currency for miscellaneous expenses such as commuter transport fares.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa