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Dokora wife’s mob harasses ZPP staffer

By Staff Reporter

PRIMARY and Secondary Education Minister Lazarus Dokora’s wife Betty Dokora was mired in fresh violence controversy when a Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) staffer was harassed by her gang of Zanu PF youths in her full glare.

The incident happened Thursday in the dormitory town of Chitungwiza where she is also a Councillor.

According to ZPP, Malvern Mkudu (pictured), the NGO’s information officer, had visited Dokora’s home to interview her on prior violence claims she allegedly was involved in but pleading her innocence last week.

Mkudu was accompanied by the peace organisation’s driver following a prior arrangement with the politician.

When the two arrived at her home, they were made to wait for her as she had temporarily left her residence.

She later arrived in the company of 12 Zanu PF youths who immediately harassed the ZPP officials for taking interest in the reported cases of violence which involved party activists.

Dokora is said to have done nothing to restrain the youths from victimising the ZPP staffer.

It later took a group of police officers who were in plain clothes to rescue Mkudu but not before they drove him to the main police station at Makoni where they photographed his identity particulars before allowing him to go without any charges.

ZPP was left fuming over the police’s failure to arrest Mkudu’s aggressors as they placed him under further trauma by taking him to a police station while the culprits were allowed to roam free.

“While ZPP is grateful to the Good Samaritans who saved its staffer from potential beating, the organisation is disappointed on a point of principle that justice was not served,” ZPP said in a statement.

“This insincere enforcement of the law only serves to cultivate the culture of impunity already embedded in the Zanu PF youths to carry out more attacks.

“The failure by Councillor Dokora to restrain the youths who were said to be members of the Zanu PF security team led by one Lardy Manhanga is testament to the involvement of political leaders in the political violence in Chitungwiza.”

The Jestina Mukoko led NGO also called on police to act on politicians who sponsor political violence.

“ZPP calls on all political parties particularly the ruling party to censor its members who openly brag that they will not be held accountable for their violent activities.

“We also call on police to act on political leaders and their violent supporters without fear or favour,” said the group.


Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa