ZIM in Inceptive SDG Report Compilation

Zimbabwe held the inceptive consultative meeting for the production of the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, Inceptive Report in Harare.

The report is the first since the Sustainable Development Goals came to effect in 2016 after the Millennium Development Goals, MDGs.

“The report is the first for Zimbabwe since the SDG’s came into effect in 2016. It was unfortunate that in 2017 we could not publish the SDG report as we had directed all our efforts towards the Voluntary National Report.” UNDP National Economist Ethel Bangwayo said.

The inceptive workshop saw the call for the inclusion of the Private sector in the consultative process as they remained central in the processes.

“The Private Sector are a major employer as it is argued that 9 out of 10 Jobs in Zimbabwe are offered by the Private sector. We are constantly told that when it comes to SDGs that the private sector is for profit. We need to appreciate that there is business in the SDG’s and the SDG’s are related to business.” The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Services, Labor and Social Welfare Mr Simon Masanga said.

“The inclusion of the Private sector has been very low. We hope that this will improve as the consultation gathers momentum.” Thee Lead Consultant Dr Prosper Chitambara.

The SDG’s were introduced in 2016 and will moderate UN country members’ operational fundamentals until 2030.

“The SDG’s are a soft law that is aimed at directing government in the process of mapping policy and legislative process. They set a benchmark from which governments can better map their strategies.” Masanga also said.

Zimbabwe is ranked number 121 out of 191 in terms of the Sustainable Development Index behind South Africa, Mauritius and Namibia respectively.

“Zimbabwe is reasonably performing in terms of SDG implementation. Zimbabwe is currently ranked 121 out of 191, with a rating of 59.7% and is below Botswana at 59.8, Namibia at 59.9%, South Africa at 61.5%, Mauritius at 63.6% among other countries.” Chitambara further said.

The Objectives of the workshop were argued as to hear each other’s perspectives, review Zimbabwe’s progress in the SDGs as well as underscore the linkage between SDG’s and development.

“The thrust of this meeting is to reflect on the work that we are doing in terms of SDG implementation in Zimbabwe as well as review the same. We also need to explore the nexus between SDG’s and National Development.” The UNDP National Economist Ethel Bangwayo said.

The workshop was attended by stakeholders in the SDG related fields including The World Bank, IOM, WORLD FOOD PROGRAM, the UN Country representative’s office and member bodies including UNWOMEN, UNICEF among other key stakeholders.


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