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9th Edition of Africa Green Waste and Energy Expo: time to reflect on successive goals

By Tendai Guvamombe (Harare)

The ongoing 9th Edition of Africa Green Waste Expo have presented an opportunity to reflect on the success stories on climate smart solutions in achieving a low carbon economy.

The high level engagement forum has ignited conversion of ideas from young people across the continent as they manoeuver climate goals inline with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

According to Zimbabwe’s Minister of Environment Honarable Mangaliso Ndlovu reiterated that the green expo has become an ideal platform for Climate Change discourse in the region.

“The 9th Africa Green Waste and Energy Expo & Conference, has essentially become a cardinal platform for the Climate Change discourse in Zimbabwe and the region. The need to build a resilient future can never be overemphasized. We are facing multiple environmental management challenges which include pollution, poor waste management, climate change, deforestation and land degradation, poaching, veldt fires and biodiversity loss. This calls for action to slow down the rate at which climate is changing.”

Ms Tariro Chipepera Zimbabwe Sunshine Group Board Chairperson elaborated on the notable achievements the green expo made from the previous editions in trying to advance climate solutions in the African world.

“The Africa Green Waste and Energy Expo & Conference has evolved over the past few years from a provincial platform, becoming a national and further transforming to a continental Climate Change knowledge exchange and networking platform.”

“Today young people around Africa have taken full responsibility of the future by joining this edition or platform that brings them together with climate scientists, entrepreneurs/business people, academics and policy makers to discuss the practical solutions and ideas that have great potential to reduce Green House Gases emissions while creating decent, green jobs -–jobs for the future.”

She also reiterated that some projects and ideas that evolved from the previous engagements of the green expo were fully embraced in various parts of the continent and challenged participants to join higher level forums in order to explore various opportunities.

“It is with great joy that majority of the projects and ideas show cased in previous editions have successfully been replicated in over 5 countries in Africa. This is the impact the Africa Green Waste and Energy Expo & Conference has had. I hope we will be able to get a meaningful number of participants of this event to international meetings for example the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP meetings and promote their participation in side meetings so as to further strengthen networks and open up various funding opportunities for them.”

The Africa Green Waste and Energy Expo and Conference will celebrate the 10th Anniversary next year.

Tendai Guvamombe