Access to information in the cutting edge

Media Institute of Southern Africa Zimbabwe lobbies for the enactment of democratic access to information laws as provided for in the constitution and in line with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights’ Model Law on Access to Information.

Organizations such as MISA has been instrumental in Zimbabwe in lobbying for the enactment of democratic access to information laws which are provided for in the current forms of legislation.

A major area of interest pertains to the extent at which journalists and media practioners find access to information from different public bodies.

Recently MISA ZIMBABWE launched a report a Transparency Assessment research at a time when media practioners are still struggling to find access to information from public offices.

The Report pointed the Environmental Management Agency(EMA) as being rated on fair bases in terms of access to information. This also overlooked on the way the parastatol’s willingness to provide relevant information on the website and social media handles in the cutting edge context.

A follow up to this, this news crew was determined to approach the Procurement Regulatory of Zimbabwe in a bid to find out how its mode of operations is accommodating marginalized section of the society.

This looked at the Youth and Women who constitute the greater part of Small to Media Enterprises in the country.

A small interview with Cliff Gondo PRAZ Capacity Building Director explained the provisions contained in section 315 of the constitution which also appears on its official website.

“It is not much about PRAZ but what the ACT entails. It provides for thresholds were goods and services valued up to 300 thousand US dollars are expected to be purchased from local companies as guided by the ACT.”

“There is the aspect of domestic preference were one can design products processes that can favor women and youth owned businesses.”

PRAZ Official Website ACT clearly elaborates on how national citizens can attend free workshops on awareness and steps taken by one to become a bidder.

Despite all these, there has been so much debate in terms of the length at which press adverts a flighted locally. At times the slim gapes are only identified by participants rather than ordinary persons.

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe