Adventures and carrier

Dexter Mwanamombe, a first year student at Midlands State University (MSU) sees himself having a brighter future as successful motivational speaker. The dream erupted during his teen ages.

At first it started as a joke where he used to do it for funny. Back then, he struggled a lot to become an eloquent speaker as a form 3 student at Makokoba Primary School. Dedication, commitment and passion kept him developing in his every moment.

Indeed, legends are born. Not every successful person grew up from a strong background. For a story to be told one has to endure the advertises of life.

Most people who are familiar with Mwanamombe’s background as a child never anticipated that his dream would soon manifest into a reality.

Back then he gained traction when he scooped numerous accolades for being eloquent and articulate for school debates.

Dexter sees himself as a successful motivational speaker in few years to come. He intentr to equip people with life skills knowlegd , hope, aspirations, inciting personal good governance.

For this to happen the 26 year old has to successfully complete academic endeavors.

He believe that attaining a bachelors of Peace Studies will help cement his worthwhile carrier. Though he has anticipations to become a lawyer one day, today he is determined to !make ends meet in sourcing funds for the current studies.

Relatives, friends, wellwishers among other important members of the society will need to come in to rescue the young motivational speaker attain his anticipated goals.

Tendai Guvamombe