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Airport Deal: Sharpe set on a table of corruption with Chombo


As Zimbabweans are still wondering how and why Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s in Augur Investments received a greenlight to do the construction of the Airport Road without tender, an investigative report has provided all the answers and every detail on what transpired.

The embattled businessman had the guts to seat round the table with authorities driven by corrupt minds to agree on a deal that left many citizens shell shocked.

The report reveals how former Local government Minister Chombo’s illegal caretaker council incompetently awarded the Airport Deal to Augur Investment, a company which belongs to Sharpe.

The report was presented by Councillor Dumba Chairperson of the Special Committe in 2010 . This showed that there Augur Investments got the deal without tender being floated.

“No tenders for the Airport Road were floated.
No proper valuation of equities was taken.”

Despite failing to deliver Sharpe’s Augur Investments failed to stick to the agreement and which resulted in the breach of contract.

Instead of delivering, Augur Investments contracted another company called Power Construction to carry out the preliminary work. According to the report the move was considered to be in breach of agreement.

“Power Construction was sub-contracted by Augur to do the preliminary construction work for the Airport Road in total breach of the agreement ”

This was further woserned by Augur breaching another agreement where they were supposed to provide equipments prior the commencement of road construction.

Apart from this meetings which were held between Augur Investments and corrupt officials where not known to the council hence the deal was held on corrupt grounds.

“Augur Investments breached the agreement which states that parties agree that Augur shall provide an initial list of equipment for duty free import but instead chose to hire a contractor (Power Construction) to do the preliminary works. This was not communicated to council.

The report asserts that Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s Augur Investments dismally failed to deliver and this exposed its corruption scandals.

“No progress updates were made to Council on the project.”

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