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Airport Road saga promoted Sharpe’s fraudulent deals


The Airport Road deal valued at USD80 million was awarded to the self-exiled Ken Sharpe’s Augur Investments, under unclear circumstances. Former Local Government Minister, Ignatius Chombo was the ‘Chief architect’ of the fraudulent deal.

After receiving 733.9 hectares of land as payment for the construction of the Airport Road, Augur Investments dismally failed to deliver.

The whole deal contained grey areas which exposed the incompetents of corrupt officials.

Both Chombo and Ken Sharpe’s motives were driven on corruption grounds.

The manner in which they handled the Airport Road Construction raised more questions than answers.

This started from the illegal formation of the Caretaker Council by the former Minister. It was the illegal Caretaker Council that awarded the Airport Road to Augur Investments though with Chombo’s blessing.

Michael Mahachi, Chairperson of the Caretaker Council acted as Chombo’s syndicate. He signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Augur Investments without Council’s approval.

Forensic Investigation report on the matter reveals that Airport Road was a fraudulent deal.

“The most significant resolution that the Caretaker Council made was the awarding of the Airport Road Construction project to Augur Investments OU without going to tender. The project was at that time valued at USD80 million.”

“The Harare Caretaker Council’s Chairman Mr M. Mahachi formally received his letter of appointment on 21st May 2008. On the same day, he signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Augur Investments OU on the Airport Road Project.”

“The Caretaker Council had not obtained council’s approval when he signed the MoU.”


The Caretaker Council went on to generate  land valuation which was fraudulently created.

This further exposed the Council  as the land costs of Airport Road Project were based on assumptions rather than proper valuations.


Mahachi went on to sign a final Memorandum of Understanding (MoA) with Augur Investments OU.

Mahachi went on to become a project manager for Augur Investment (OU), the same company which they awarded the Airport deal. This was a conflict of interests.

Thus the land was given to Sharpe through his company Augur Investments (OU) on a silver platter

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