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Annual Diplomatic Reception; time to check progress on re-engagement


By Diplomatic Reporter

Zimbabwe is yet to make progress on the Re-engagement process with the Western World despite continued association with rest of the world through President Emmerson D. Mnangagwa’s mantra which seeks to re-connect the country with its ancient glory.

This came out at the annual diplomatic reception attended by senior government officials, Ambassadors accredited to Zimbabwe, Heads of International Organisations and International Financial Institutions accredited in Zimbabwe on Friday last week in the Capital.

In his address the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) His Excellence Ambassador Mawampanga Mwana Nanga said Zimbabwe has many friends whom the country has already engaged.

“Your Excellences Zimbabwe continues re-engaging with the world with some failing to be part of the re-engagement but let me say to the Zimbabwean Government those whom you are already engaged with are many than those refusing engagement with you and my advice is that continue with those whom you have engaged with. Also those who are failing to engage with you, still have their people offering tremendous assistance to Zimbabwe,” Ambassador Mawampanga said.

Rt Lieutenant General Sibusiso B. Moyo Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade spwaking at the reception said government is determined to strengthen its relations with the international community and is still in a bid to re-engage the western world.

“Engagement and Re-engagement continues to be our mantra as we are ready to re-engage with anyone who is willing to engage with us and those who choose to close doors we cannot oblige them to re-engage with us but I am confident you and us will find one another again down the road.

Under this I have thus far focussed attention our relationship with the Western countries that distanced from us during the time of the First Republic which represents the Re-engagement component of this Government’s Foreign policy.”

Tendai Guvamombe