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Another arrest warrant for Van Blerk


By Loice Takarindwa

Michael Van Blerk, one of the top aid for the controversial businessman, Kenneth Raydon Sharpe has been issued with a warrant of arrest for failing to appear before the courts of law on Monday.

Van Blerk is facing perjury charges where he and other accomplices unlawfully demolished George Katsimberis Show House in Borrowdale.

This marks the second arrest warrant for Van Blerk issued for him in April for defaulting a court order and was later revoked after he indicating that he was out of the country.

The Harare Magistrate, Stanford Mabanje issued the warrant of arrest since there was no explanation as to why Van Blerk failed to show up.

Meanwhile, the Magistrate later revoked the warrant of arrest after Van Blerk appeared with defense counsel Tawanda Zhuwarara citing miscommunication as his client thought trial was slotted for 11:15 am.

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