Belgian Journalist Peter Soete Describes Zim-Tourism As The Best


By Tendai Guvamombe

Recently the Belgian Senior travel journalist Peter Soete found his way into the country on a solitary visit to have a taste of the best tourism hub in Southern Africa the likes of Hwange National Park and the majestic falls among other areas.

Soete a vetaran journalist at Information Roularta Media Group (RMG), the biggest media company in Belgium on his way to the world of wonder, he never anticipated for something bigger than thoughts of his mind.
A less-week expeditious trip that ended with Victoria Falls after having commenced with Hwange National Park was just enough to inevitably lure a scribe who previously visited other tourists destinations in the continent.

According to Soete Hwange National.Park represents all the tourism features that accommodates diverse species which include the most outspoken big five which he witnessed in person.

“I never anticipated for something big like Hwange National Park has got all what it takes to represent a tourism forest in Africa that accomodates wide range of species,the park is so magnificent, everything is found there, all the species including the big five.”

Drawing closer to the majestic falls Soete prompted Soete to realize the potential that lies ahead if Zimbabwe is accorded a marketing platform to the European world and globe at large to accelerate tourism growth in the country. This could be ameliorated with the Government, players in the sector and private players combining efforts to spearhead sustainable development in the tourism sector.

“Victoria Falls- Of course when we want to talk of tourism in the country the magnificent Falls are the face of tourism in the country.”
“There is so much potential in this country as far as tourism is concerned but the story of tourism is not marketed well to world, therefore I think Government ,Tourism Authority and private players should come together to work on something big which brings out sustainability in the area of tourism, for instance there is a huge potential to invest in infrastructure inorder to have a world class hotel in Victoria Falls.”

Pen is mighter than a sword. Having accomplished his mission to the World of Wonder Peter Soete is pretty convinced that he will definitely through his profession as a journalist help tell the good story of Zimbabwean tourism to the Belgian market.
“Basing on what I witnessed in this country when I go back to Belgium I will definitely through my profession as a journalist help to lure and attract investors, tour operators and tourists to visit this country.”

Soete went on to compliments a highest level of hospitality he received in all the hotels and lodges he encamped through out his tour with Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) being well informative and helpful till the end of the tour.

“Its so fantastic to see all the lodges both Hwange and Victoria falls provides Wi-Fi services to the tourists everywhere except some remote areas where they actually indicate to be out of reach interms of internet services.”
“ZTA staff have been so helpful to me through out the tour, I remember I misplaced my expensive camera which they helped to recover in time.”

Tendai Guvamombe