Bindura University employee steals student’s money


A general hand at Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) was slapped with $300 fine yesterday by a Bindura magistrate Moreblessing Makati for stealing a student’s school fees.

Difficult Shaibu (34) of house number 2528 Aerodrome  was convicted after full trial  and  an addition 3 months jail term was suspended on condition that he resituate the stolen fees.

Prosecutor Vincent Marunya told the courtthat on April 28 at the Univesity’s campas Shaibu receivedR2 000 from the student Tatenda Tsunga andin return as per agreement Shaibu paid RTGS$300infavour of R1000, the remaining R1000 was to be paid by depositing RTGS$305 into Tsunga’s account as fees.

The complainant made a follow up with his account and discovered that the school fees was not paid by Shaibu as agreed and he filed a police report leading to his arrest.
In an unrelated case a Bindura motorist is in trouble after allegedly kidnapping a police officer and assaulting him before dumping him kilometres away from the road block.

Godfrey Malunga (36) appeared before bandura magistrate Maria Msika who remanded him out of custody to October 23 for continuation of trial.

The state alleged September 13 Malunga was stopped at a roadblock in Bindura by a police officer Joseph Paribenchipo and he complied, the police officer founded faults on the car and ordered the driver to pay fine.

The driver said he did not have the money and asked the cop to get in his car so that he would accompany him to a where the money was, and he complied.

Malunga kidnapped the officer and dropped him kilometres after where he assaulted the cop with open hands.

Edward Katsvairo represented the state .


Tendai Guvamombe