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Biti taunts small parties, downplays MDC row

By Staff Reporter

MDC Alliance co-principal and opposition PDP President, Tendai Biti (pictured) has dismissed dozens of fringe political parties in the country which he said were far from posing any serious threat to Zanu PF during elections.

Speaking during a panel discussion at SAPES Trust on Thursday, Biti also said perceived instability within the MDC Alliance was being exaggerated.

The MDC-T led multi-party coalition has suffered a setback after its Presidential candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai of MDC-T has missed out on an election campaign as he battles colon cancer.

His absence has opened the floodgates for a bruising succession battle mostly among this three deputies, something that threatens the alliance’s election ambitions.

But Biti played down the belief that the leadership crisis could torpedo the anti-Zanu PF front’s election prospects, adding that the MDC Alliance remained the most serious opposition grouping among the current basket of political parties.

“There is an exaggeration that the opposition is divided and so forth. There are 76 political parties in Zimbabwe but when you strip all those 76, you will not find more than 7 serious political parties.

“So the question is, can those serious political parties find each other.

“I have no doubt in my mind in the work that we are doing in the MDC Alliance and if you look at what we are doing the reconnection is there; the masses are coming out. Look carefully at what we are doing,” Biti said.

His comments follow similar sentiments by MDC President and coalition principal Welshman Ncube who recently described less known political parties as “every Tom, Dick and Harry”.

But former President Robert Mugabe often dismissed all his opponents as insignificant even when they try to combine their support in attempts to upstage Zanu PF.

Gary Murambiwa
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