Biti worse than Hutu militia: ex-aide Moyo

By Staff Reporter

PEOPLE’S Democratic Party (PDP) secretary general Gorden Moyo (pictured) has launched a broadside against party leader Tendai Biti for alleged tribalistic tendencies, likening the ex-finance minister to Rwandan and Sudanese militias responsible for mass killings in the two African countries.

Moyo last month brewed a shocker when he led a party faction to “expel” Biti, party deputy president Kucaca Phulu and a handful party officials.

They were being accused of dragging the fledgling opposition into a coalition arrangement with the MDC-T.

PDP spokesperson and Biti loyalist Jacob Mafume said Sunday efforts were being made to mend the rift between the former allies.

But Moyo trashed any immediate plans to reunite, describing his former boss as worse than Rwandan and Sudanese militia groups.

“How do you mend relations with somebody who insults in terms of your identity, your region, your ethnicity, your forefathers and foremothers.

“That kind of person is worse than the Rwandese Interahamwe and the Sudanese Jinjaweeds.”

Interahamwe was a Rwandan government backed militia which played a central role in the East African country’s genocide of 1994 which claimed hundreds of thousands while Jinjaweeds are Islamic warriors that murder, rape, burn villages and enslave people.

“Anyone who takes refuge in ethnopolitics laced with Gukurahundist ideology has no place in modern political associations,” Moyo said.

Asked to qualify claims Biti was a tribalist, Moyo said Biti and his backers have been insulting them through both conventional and social.

“Him and his gang went berserk on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, print media and radio in particular ZiFMStereo labelling us tribalists and regionalists simply because we demanded procedure, democracy, constitutional and transparent processes in coalition or alliance building.

Addressing journalists last month, Biti said his side shall not fall for the bait to engage in public combat with their former allies.

He blamed simmering tribal tensions in the country to President Robert Mugabe’s divisive rule he said has invariably excluded some sections of the national population.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa