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Busha in drive to uplift party women

By Nkosana Dlamini

AS the anti-Robert Mugabe fever grips the nation, the Joseph Busha led FreeZim Congress party has kept eyes on the ball with a weekend workshop to equip its women membership with requisite business management skills and civic education.

Dozens of party women attended the workshop in Harare on Friday.

The workshop, attended by women drawn from the party’s national structures, was facilitated by individuals with business management knowledge and civic groups such as Young Voters Platform and Election Resource Centre.

It was also attended by aspiring MPs who have set sights to contest the next elections under the banner of the increasingly popular opposition.

Party women’s affairs national chair, Niver Muronzi (pictured) said Friday the two-day workshop was aimed at empowering the FreeZim Congress women faithful with election based knowledge.

“Our workshop today (Friday) is to equip our women with knowledge to do with elections; things to do with registration, how to contest an election, how to attract support and how to be good leaders.

“We will also teach them on how to manage projects.

“FreeZim Congress Party is sponsoring women on doing projects in different parts of the country. So, it may not be wise to start by giving them money without equipping them with business management skills on how to manage the monies.”

Said by having projects for their upkeep, Muronzi added, this they would not be tempted to squander the monies they will be given for campaigns by converting it to basic use.

She denied the move was a vote buying gimmick by party leader and 2018 presidential aspirant, Busha.

Busha, a South African based Zimbabwean businessman, has been sponsoring various initiatives in the country to uplift ordinary citizens while also pursuing peace building initiatives through sponsoring sporting events.

The 53-year-old businessman-cum-politician last month presided over a party policy conference in Harare in which he pledged to whittle down government expenditure and introduce free education if elected the country’s next leader.

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