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BVR love triangle, teacher trapped after dating married cop

MASVINGO – A primary school teacher from Triangle who allegedly dated a married policewoman he met while on BVR duties was severely bashed in Rujeko, Masvingo after he travelled 200km to see his lover.

Francis Zimuto, a teacher at Dunusa Primary School hitchhiked all the way from Triangle to Masvingo to sleep over at his alleged lover Sakina Mutanha’s place without knowing that the person inviting and sending him Whatsapp love messages was the husband who had snatched away his wife’s phone.

Sources at the house where Mutanha lodged in Rujeko B confirmed the incident and said that Zimuto was battered by Mutanha’s husband Mugwenhi and his friends after walking into a trap at around 1am on December 30 2017.

“Zimuto has Police at Rujeko B to thank for their swift reaction which saw his life being saved. He was dragged from the road into the house where he was severely beaten,” said a source who declined to be named.

Mugwenhi who is also a Police officer working under CID confirmed the incident when called but declined to comment because Zimuto had pressed assault charges against him and the case was now before the courts.

Sources said that Mugwenhi had for some time suspected an adulterous relationship between Mutanha who is an officer at Rujeko Police Station and Zimuto. The two met when they were in Mushandike during the BVR program and allegedly fell in love.

After the BVR assignment, Mugwenhi realised that Zimuto continued to phone Mutanha and he warned him to stop the phone calls since their national duty together had ended. Zimuto apologised for the calls and said he was only calling because he wanted his $100 borrowed from him by his wife. The calls and messages to Mutanha however, did not end.

On the fateful day, Mutanha left the matrimonial bedroom in a huff and went outside and allegedly talked to Zimuto on the phone. When she came back into the bedroom Mugwenhi snatched the phone and left the house with it.

It is then that he allegedly sent a message to Zimuto telling him that Mugwenhi was not at home until the next day as he was out on duty. He sweet-talked Zimuto who was drinking at a bar in Triangle to find transport and come to Masvingo immediately. Zimuto who seemed to have been desperate for the opportunity left the bar in a huff at around 9pm and hitchhiked all the way to Masvingo where he arrived at around 1am.

He exchanged love messages with Mugweni all the way without knowing that he was communicating with the husband. At one time he complained that he was feeling cold as he was only wearing sandals but was told not to worry because Mutanha was going to make him warm.

Zimuto hired a taxi when he got to Exor but walked into a trap when he got to the gate to Mutanha’s lodgings. Mutanha who was sleeping in the bedroom was awoken by Mugwenhi who said he had nabbed a robber outside. Without suspecting anything she rushed outside only to confront her trapped lover.

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