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‘Bye-bye to Gukurahundi godfather’

By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWEANS on Monday took to social media to react to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s shock sacking by President Robert Mugabe on  alleged disloyalty.

His axing followed months of persistent accusations by the first family he harboured a plot to remove the Zimbabwean leader from power.

But as news of his axing filtered through, most celebrated what they said was the demise of a man whose name has featured prominently in Zimbabwe’s post liberation conflict episodes.

“The Godfather of Gukurahundi has found his match. Bye bye,” said Sukoluhle Mabhena, now living in South Africa.

Majaha Ndiweni also said “atleast those sent to kill next time will pause for a moment to think about their actions”.

“They will start by pondering over their intended actions next time,” Ndiweni said.

Pro-democracy campaigner Promise Mkhwananzi said the action by Mugabe was a sign he was now prepared to keep Zimbabwe as his own and a heritage for his family alone.

He added, “But it serves him (Mnangagwa) right since he is the same person who aided Mugabe in rigging elections.

“This would also serve as a lesson for some who are still supporting Mugabe do bad things that they will also be sent packing.”

Geraldine Sibanda said the VP’s acrimonious government exit had potential to start a civil war in Zimbabwe “going by beliefs that Mnangagwa commands support from the security forces.”

She also said this was also a welcome development for the broader opposition which has found it tough to remove the Zanu PF led government from power with Mnangagwa said to be the mastermind of Zanu PF’s often violent campaigns.

“He has been at the centre of Gukurahundi, at the centre of conflict and tribalism…perhaps it’s victory for the opposition because the battle for democracy could be easier with Mnangagwa now out of the picture,” she said.

The firebrand pro-democracy group, Tajamuka said Zimbabweans should not be hoodwinked by Mnangagwa’s axing as this was merely a culmination of Zanu PF factional wars and nothing to do with any attempt at to improving the livelihoods of many.

“The sacking of Emmerson Mnangagwa is a political power struggle within Zanu PF,” the group said in statement.

“It has no connection with creation of jobs for young people, it is not a solution to the current price hike of commodities which increased by almost 50%, it is not a solution to the cash crisis bedevilling the country, it is not a solution to the bond note that is losing value on a daily basis…” said the group.

Gary Murambiwa
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