Calls for SDGs Community based activities in Sunningdale

Harare’s Sunningdale residents are propagating to scale up community based activities anchoring on Sustainable Development Goals.

As the globe is moving towards an enhanced society in which all communities will be embracing sustainability and equality, the locals have taken a step further in domesticating SDGs.

Collin Nyangani Founder and Director Sunningdale 1 Residents Association says his organisation is moving the motion to have the SDGs concept domesticated in one of the oldest medium density of Harare.

“The adoption of SDGs and United Nations Calender will see the marginalized closing the inequality gape and move towards access to social justice.”

According to Nyangani there is a greater need to look into the aspects of fighting poverty and hunger in line with SDG number 1 and 4 which calls for the provisions of quality education. The approach is relevant to the Zimbabwe’s poverty situation.

“SDG number # 4 specifically talks about provision of quality education of which we still need more resources channeled to our curriculum development and infrastructure as well as reveal the Education act of Zimbabwe.”

Tendai Guvamombe