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Calls to scale-up unity for devolution funds

By Tarisai Mudahondo

The Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Shamva Rural District Council Jemitias Mandinyeya hammered on unity on devolution fund at a meeting held at Country club today.

The meeting was being spearheaded by Institute for Young Women Development (IYWD).

“The council is voted for by the people as a way of decentralisation of power henceforth we should unite to gain development,” Mandinyeya said.

To perpetuate unity he further urged the community to attend meetings and air out their views.

” l encourage the society and specifically women to be included in selection of structures of devolution and its implementations.”

“I call for unity and participation from every structure that is village meetings, wards and council itself,all in unity and harmony,”he said.

Tendai Guvamombe