Caroline Chirowodza intensifies Climate Change Communication through Arts

Caroline Chirowodza an upcoming artist also known as ‘Caychi’ in the entertainment circles is determined to explore climate change issues through arts.

Speaking to Spotlight Online News Africa this Wednesday, ‘Caychi’ said Climate Change is a topical issue and a cause for concern hence the need to insify its communication through creative music. Understanding the concepts needs other various means of communication in order to ignite interest in public awareness.

“Climate Change is rather a more serious issue which has become topical around the globe hence the need to raise awareness through arts as a means of communication to spark public interest, ” she said.

The fellow artist has been working on a magnificent single tracks on climate change adaptation and mitigation. Her latest single titled ‘Mvura Munzara’ which talks about enduring climate hash conditions and at the same time bestowing hope to the miserable households in the African context.

“The single track itself contains elements of tragic due to climate related disasters and at the same time it brings optimism of hope in the midst of sorrow.”

According to ‘Caychi’ arts is all powerful to the extent of influencing people’s views and perceptions if articulated well. Apart from this, the fellow musician believes as a youth plays a role in the fight against climate change inorder to pave way for a sustainable future.

” I believe that if I sing my voice will be heard by all in a way which transforms the way people see climate change and the need to act on it. I believe as a youth in climate change and a young environmentalist there is a need for us to work towards a sustainable future.”

The young ‘Caychi’ is a music learner with Music Crossroads Academy Zimbabwe. She is also on working an EP which is yet to be released in due course.

Apart from this Caroline is currently partnering Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Management Department, Greening Zimbabwe Projects and Young Volunteers for the Environment (YVE).

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe