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Castration, death best for male sex maniacs: MPs

By Staff Reporter

FEMALE Senators in the country’s upper house have urged government to consider castration or death on abusive husbands who force their partners into anal sex and those who commit crimes of passion.

Mashonaland East Senator Jane Chifamba and Rosemary Nyathi of Matebeleland North were contributing to a motion calling on the upper house to deliberate of the President’s parliament opening speech.

The debate centred on sexual harassment among married couples, a subject broached by the President in his address.

Chifamba cited anal sex as a common form of sexual harassment within homes as she urged punitive punishment on men who force their wives into the unusual bedroom practice.

“What is happening is that men these days are indulging in sexual activities through the anus which is not meant for that,” she said.

“It is painful for the woman. Sex is supposed to be enjoyed. Sex is pleasurable.”

Chifamba added: “This is very bad. These men should be convicted and taken for 14 years.

“My suggestion is that let these offenders be castrated because if you let them loose and take them to prison, they will sodomise other men there.”

The MDC legislator said women were suffering in silence and feared being labelled by society if they deserted their matrimonial homes to escape the trauma.

“It is difficult for you to tell the people the truth that I am being sexually abused. I am encouraging that these people should have their organs cut off,” she said.

Similarly, Senator Nyathi lamented the prevalence in crimes of passion among partners, something that often leads to physical harm on females.

She urged summary killings on offenders arguing court processes were a waste of time.

“My question that I pose to this House is; why do such things happen?  For example, someone uses a weapon such as a hoe or a brick to kill someone, why do we take that person to the court?

“What exactly will we be doing, why should we ask questions when we know that the main agenda of that person was to kill the victim.

“We should not ask why the person did that, we should simply do to the person what they did to the other person, which is killing them.”

The two female legislators’ calls were not too distant from those of President Robert Mugabe and his deputy Phelekezela Mphoko who have said on separate platforms before that castration was the best punishment for sex offenders.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa