CCI Conference on the ease of doing business gathers momentum


By Tendai Guvamombe (Harare)

Bulawayo is set to host a two day conference on  Ease of Doing Business in the Creative and Cultural Industries(CCI) from the 29th to 30th this month.

In a press conference jointly held by renowned arts Albert Nyathi and Sera Mpofu Sibanda in Bulawayo last Thursday will run under the theme ‘Leveraging Arts Culture and Heritage for Enhanced Productivity, Job Creation and Economic Growth’ at the National Arts Gallery of Zimbabwe.

“ The Conference in Creative and Cultural Industries(CCI) on the Ease of doing Business will be held at the National Arts Gallery of Zimbabwe here in Bulawayo and will run under the theme ‘Leveraging Arts Culture and Heritage for Enhanced Productivity, Job Creation and Economic Growth’ at the National Arts Gallery of Zimbabwe.”

The high profile event will be graced by President Mnangagwa and the First Lady is set to bring together various players in the arts industry to specifically explore the concept of Ease of Doing Business (EODB).

“We have been around as creatives and  we have gone on and on creating work be it crafts, sculpture, dance, painting and the delegates will have in attendance the First Lady with expectations of the President joining the deliberation.”

The earmarked conference follows stakeholders’ consultation workshop  convened by the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation  in Harare in October which brought together representatives of arts industry from different   sectors.

“ October 2019, the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation convened a Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) stakeholders’ consultation workshop in Harare. The workshop brought together representatives of the arts sector in dialogue with Government departments, agencies and other private sector stakeholders.”

The expected outcomes will see the CCI aspirations resonating with national goals, alignment with 2020 budget, creating opportunities for the integration of property rights,synergies and

“The conference theme deliberately aligns with the 2020 national budget . The aspirations of the CCIs inherently have resonance with national development goals. These will help explore the themes of culture led urban regeneration, Intellectual Property Rights and expansion of market linkages.”

“As an economy in transition, Government policy speaks to strengthening Provincial economies in line with the dictates of devolution of power.  The conference will interrogate mechanisms on how policy and legislation can be strengthened to protect artistic creations. Innovation will not be sustained in an environment of wanton intellectual property rights violation.”

In an interview with Cal Vin hip hop artist the conference will be a showcased opportunity for local artists to set aside enmity an hatred

“This conference will be an opportunity for us as artists to air out our grievances in the industry for instance we have been seeing segregation where bigger platforms are only reserved for some players while restricting others from growing.”

Artists expected  at the conference include Saimon Mambazo Phiri, Butholezwe Kgosi Nyathi, Sarah Mpofu Sibanda, Clifford Zulu, Nkululeko Innocent Dube, Clifford Zulu, Raisedon Baya and Sithandazile  Dube.

Tendai Guvamombe