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Central Committee Member de-campaigned First Lady in Mash-Central


By Loice Takarindwa

Zanu Pf Central Committee member, John Nhamburo has been accused of de-campaigning First Lady, Auxilia Mnangagwa in Mashonaland Central where she wanted to contest as a member of parliament.

This came out in a leaked audio where Mazoe District Coordinating Committee (DCC)Secretary for Environment Rodrick Nyikadzino accused Nhamburo for letting down Mai Mnangagwa in 2014.

“You de-campaigned First Lady Mai Mnangagwa from contesting in 2014 elections.”

Spotlight Online News Africa contacted Nyikadzino for comment who revealed that Nhamburo de-campaigned First Lady has he was under the influence of the Former Vice President Joyce Mujuru who preferred Thabeth Nganengoni to be the MP.

“He was under the influence of Mai Mujuru who thought that the First Lady Mai Auxilia Mnangagwa was a threat to her in the constituency. Nhamburo was at the fore front of running down Mai Mnangagwa in the Province to pave way for Thabeth Kanengoni to contest for the position of the Legislator.”

According to Nyikadzino, the smear campaign led to the lose of support by Mai Mnangagwa as people were now fueled by the rumors that she should go back to contest in Midlands.
“Because of him Mai Mnangagwa lost support of the people in the province. They had spread rumors that she should go back to Midlands Province where she had previously lost elections.”

John Nhamburo has since dismissed de-campaigning the First Lady saying Nyikadzino was trying to make an issue out of nothing.

“We had had a hostile conversation with Nyikadzino who ended up saying a lot of issues. That issue of Mai Mnangagwa is non existent.”

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