By Raymond Chamba

Everyday lately more than ever i wake up fired up about Zimbabwe. There is something strange and deep within me that tells me that it’s the time. Something big and good is upon us. Our finest hour is upon us. This nation is about to get renewed and changed while we are in the stupor of resignation and deep anxiety.

Nothing inspires me more than the many things in Zimbabwe that don’t quite work as that are a divine mandate and opportunity to make it right. There is no better an expression of hope that springs eternal than a Zimbabwean person waking up and going through each day.

Zimbabwe offers promise beyond the most regretful transitory realities.
For me Zimbabwe remains a woman of extraordinary guile and wile. To know her is to love her. Smitten as ever, how can you not. Paidamoyo…

Lady Zimbabwe is a refined woman of legendary beauty and exquisite taste. Many people mistake her age for 40, she is actually more like 30. The confusion around her other cousin Rhodesia who only actually disappeared from the family around the early 90’s.

Lady Zimbabwe is said to have suffered from some depression after giving birth to her only child-Revolution. Many people say that the birth was not exactly quite planned and in fact labour pains came while she was on the long and slow train journey to Destiny.

In her depression she stopped taking any regular baths, feet became most cankered, her teeth were not brushed and hair most unkempt and filled with lice. She was known for shouting at people and blessed with a vile and tart tongue brimming with all kinds of obscenities.

Word has it that she is now fine and well recovering, if not completely healed. The old clothes are off. Regular hygienic indulgences are part of her whole persona. Many can be forgiven for not believing it, as they can be forgiven for always understanding that Zimbabwe and Normal are exact antithetical cousins. She has amazing black glowing skin, big smoky eyes and rolling clean natural locks. Her walk is most regal when she is in full stride.

Lady Zimbabwe is back on the dating scene and has been quietly seeing a few Sheikhs. Many other suitors await in the wings as none wants to date anyone nobody publicly desires.

Prepare to live with the coming reality of Lady Zimbabwe and her fine self back on the social scene. More beautiful than ever, with a dazzling smile in the old village festooned with anguish and uncertainty.

Mama has a brand new bag. Welcome back Zimbabwe. I see you. I feel you.

Dr Raymond Chamba writes on his own capacity

Tendai Guvamombe