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Charamba scolds Mugabe for demanding ED meeting

By Staff Reporter

GEORGE Charamba, once a fanatical defender of then President Robert Mugabe, has rebuked his former boss, suggesting the ousted leader lacked common sense in his recent demands to meet President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mugabe, the country’s sole leader for 37 years, was forced to resign November last year following a week-long siege by the military.

He had been accused of failed leadership which placed the country on the brink of a popular uprising, as well as failing to protect the constitution through allowing his powers to be usurped by his wife and allies.

But after nearly four months of silence over his ouster, Mugabe finally let out his frustrations about being forced out of his job, insisting he was a victim of a coup that was waged outside the country’s supreme law.

Mugabe insisted on a meeting with Mnangagwa ostensibly to allow the two to restore the country’s constitutional order.

But in comments he made through state media, Charamba, once Mugabe’s spokesperson, was scathing of his former boss, insisting he did not have any privilege to mend a constitutional violation.

“The former President has asked for a meeting with President ED to cleanse what he calls an unconstitutional order,” he said.

“Well, far be it from me to prevent any meeting between the President and any Zimbabwean, least of all his former boss.

“However, looking at it from a commonsensical point of view, I can’t see how an order which is allegedly unconstitutional gets cleansed by a meeting of two individuals over a cup of coffee.

“That is to assume that the two, in the sum, constitute the State and the two define constitutionalism.

“Is this not really an issue that he (Mugabe) should take to the courts for them to determine? But as I said, this is just me.”

Gary Murambiwa
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