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Charity Projects hosts First Ever Christmas Luncheon to raise awareness on Mental Health Disability

By Tendai Guvamombe

Charity Projects a non governmental organisation has amplified the United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) as it organized its first ever Christmas Luncheon aimed at raising awareness and remembering persons with mental health disability.

The worthwhile Christmas luncheon and donations took place on 19th December 2020 at Highfields Methodist Church and this became the first ever Christmas Lancheon to be hosted by the Charity organization in the Capital.

This came at a time when the world commemorated The International Day for Persons with Disabilities which is celebrated on the 4th of December every year.

Charity Projects Founder, Mark Chunga told Spotlight Online News Africa that the latest intervention is ideally meant to raise awareness and resources in fighting mental disabilities in the societies.

“The idea is to create an awareness platform of mental health and encourage pro social behaviours in the Zimbabwean society and the poverty stricken communities of Africa. We also thrives to make sure that every child with mental disabilities in Africa gets proper care and safety.

Mark Chunga Founder Charity Projects
Mark Chunga Founder Charity Projects

Families and clients had some exhilarating moments as they were treated to music and games for the children followed by Christmas gifts.

According to Chunga, currently based in Australia the event was a game-changer as it send a message of hope and togetherness with the marginalized members of the society in need of help. Raising awareness to the members of the society about mental health disability and the quest to overcome it through reduction of stigmatization.

“This was also meant to educate the clients, primary care givers and the community to help increase mental health literacy, reduce stigma, promote help seeking and develop recovery-oriented skills and perspectives.
The Christmas luncheon was hosted for the families and children we have been working with that are living with Mental disabilities as the founder believes every family deserves a merry Christmas.The Charity projects clients are in desperate need of diagnosis, food, education, and the full implementation of the Mental Health and Disability (MED) program.The event was also a platform to educate the primary caregivers and families as they are at risk of developing mental health problems. This is caused by not being equipped and the emotional demands of supporting a person living with mental disabilities.”

Charity Projects Christmas Luncheon
Charity Projects Christmas Luncheon

The Charity organization have partnered local professionals, health students, influencers, and organizations to offer volunteered service hours to lure the public, private donations and business sponsorship as part of funding mechanism.

Tendai Guvamombe