Chief “Hwenje” Shumba remembers community of origin

Chief Hwenje Shumba

Staff Reporter(Midlands)

Chimurenga’s music artists Chief “Hwenje” Shumba has ploughed back to the community as he embarks of development programmes aimed at bringing light to his Zvishavane area of origin.

The “Dhakota” hit maker last week, was on the ground in his home area as he spearheaded the construction of a bridge that was long ago swept away by the splash floods. The construction took more than 30 bags of cement, hard labour, high level loading tippers among other essential areas.

Apart from this Shumba went on to pay a suprise visit to Chivanga and Govarizadze schools where he promised to assit with renovations and areas of need on the 11th March 2020.

Speaking to this news crew , Shumba said he feel honoured to give back to the area of his origin given the fact that, Shurugwi area is among rural areas that are in dire need of sustainable development.

“This is the area where I come from. I cannot abandon my home area where I grew up hence the need to assist in the areas of development. Building back the bridge we realized that vehicles where failing to pass through from different areas. Now it has been constructed back will be able to see a smooth flow of vehicles and people.”

Shumba is delighted to have received support from Chairman Jaravaza and Evans Bhasopi.

The famous musician is expected to release a music album in March this year.

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