Chief ‘Hwenje’ Shumba to release a new album


Chief Shumba, popularly known as ‘Hwenje’ in music circle is set to release a new album this week. Shumba gained popularity in some of his previous tracks such as Judas Mutengesi.

The artist’s music genre is spiced with traditional rythmn which inspires lovers of Chimurenga type of music.

Shumba confirmed the release of  the10 track album to Spotlight Online News Africa on Tuesday. The album is entitled “Sachikwambo”

“I am launching the new album this week which will carry 10 songs,” he said.

The new album will feature local gospel artiste Trymore Bande and Agartha Murudzwa.

“The album will also feature Agartha Murudzwa and Trymore Bande,” he added.



Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe