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Chief Shumba’s jingles tops COVID-19 Campaigns, urges musicians to fight Coronavirus

Entertainment Reporter

Chief Shumba, the gaffer of Hwenje Music has called upon fellow artists in the music industry to take a collaborative stans in raising awareness on the fight against Coronavirus.

So far Chief Shumba has produced a single track in which he raises awareness to the public in the fight against Coronavirus.

In an interview with SpotLight Online News Africa this Tuesday in the Capital, said music artists should help the public in the fight against Coronavirus by raising awareness on the deadly pandemic.

“I am urging fellow artists in the music industry to help the public by coming up with tracks which raises awareness in the he fight against Coronavirus which has become a cause for concern in our country,” he said.

“As musicians we are also concerned about the health of our music fans, apart from just entertaining them it is also prudent that we protect them by producing songs that educate and protect them during this time of needy.”

Chief Shumba, took the opportunity to attack his rivalry Thomas ‘Mukanya’ Mapfumo whom he accused neglecting Zimbabwe during times of need by concentrating on issues that divides the nation.

“What surprises me is that, guys like Mukanya they are only after sending sentiments that divides the nation. People are battling the Coronavirus pandemic we don’t see him standing by the people during times like this. He is only after attacking the government.”

Chief ‘Hwenje’ Shumba’s jingles have been widely used during the ongoing COVID-19 campaigns, Independence Day Commemorations and the Cleanup Campaigns.

Tendai Guvamombe