China-Business Initiatives and African Development Agenda

When learners enroll at colleges and universities it is anticipated that they become relevant in proffering solutions towards national development and capacity building.

This may not be the case with many African Nations as brandrain has become the chief defect in hindering progress in achieving socio-economic transformation.

Apart from this, curriculum development frameworks at different learning institutions has been lacking entrepreneurial skills development initiatives to spearhead new trajectory phase for Africa.

Theory based curriculums are making learners to be academically successful and dismal failures in capacity building and this has been the same predicament that kept haunting Africa nations since time immemorial.

However, the China Business Initiatives came as a game-changer in bridging the gape that existed between theory and skills development initiatives.

Recent surveys has shown that China as a Global giant has been pro-active in rendering endless support towards the developing countries in Africa through a range of mult-million dollar initiatives.

This have seen the establishment of firms contributing positively towards the livelihoods of local communities through employment and skills development.

Sunny Yi Feng Tiles, a Chinese based firm in Zimbabwe has been at the centre of epitome in keeping the construction industry ablazing through production and distribution of tiles of high sounding value.

The whole tiles manufacturing complex which covers a considerable space is condensed with highly advanced computerized equipments with the capacity of producing 35 000 square metres of tiles per day.

At pleasant, Sunny Yi Feng Tiles has struck a positive stride of employing more than 2 Thousand workers from the surrounding communities of Norton in Zimbabwe.

Establishment of these firms came at the back Zimbabwe’s reform initiative agenda in paving way for the “Ease of doing Business” with foreign investors.

The approach is presumably starting to bear more fruits in skills development and capacity building for the entire nation.

Given the rate at which the Chinese Economy is readily securing a competitive seat in the Globe- the African World has a wonderful opportunity to scale-up socio-economic development through China-Africa initiatives.

Tendai Guvamombe