Chinese firm introduces low energy consumption stove

A local firm trading under Chinese International Industrial Group(CIIG) has introduced a SEECI stove suitable for domestic use with less energy consumption.

The stove uses coal with less carbon emissions and is the most ideal for domestic cooking without polluting the environment. The innovations comes at a time when Zimbabwe as a country is grappling with multiple challenges of power cuts, a predicament which has brought more harm than good to many house holds.

Speaking to Spotlight Online News Nie Hai Yang Chief Executive Officer of China Industrial International Group (CIIG) during a media tour at SEECI Stove industrial site in Dzivarasekwa last Friday, the innovations are meant to address the power outages in the country.

“The SEECI Stove is affordable and most ideal  for many households and the innovations came as a result of current challenges of power outages in the country and we realized that Zimbabwe has abundant coal resources which we can take advantage of, to overcome energy problems.”

“There are many advantages in using the SEECI Stove, it is locally manufactured and affordable, it reduces the cutting down of trees as it is coal driven.”

The SEECI Stove initiative is expected to inspire employment opportunities for 400 people and so far had more than 30 trained to operate machines at the plant who are expected to be conferred with certificates next year.

In an interview with Reason Sana Senior Operator at the manufacturing workshop expressed delight to work for the Chinese firm were he has received training and sound experience.

“We were trained buy professional engineers from China and I am happy that I am now fully employed  to work for this firm as an operator.”

Currently the firm produces 48 000 stoves per day and will escalate the production to 100 000 with the inception of latest machineries to be imported from China.

Tendai Guvamombe