Chinese New Year’s Commemorations and Africa’s work plan for 2020

Diplomatic Correspondent

The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe held commemorations to mark the New Year at the the Chinese Embassy in Harare last Thursday.

The commemorations were also attended by some local citizens including government officials .

In a speech delivered by the Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Guo Shaochun, the year 2020 is a significant one in which the well being and aspirations of many people are to be prioritized.

Apart from this China remains committed to assist Africa as it pledges to continue strengthening Afro-China diplomatic relations. China has a track record in enjoying bilateral ties with Zimbabwe in a length period of time.

“The year 2020 will be a milestone in China’s history,” he said.
“We will put the people’s well-being first and improve the quality of growth to meet the aspiration of our people to live better lives.
“For 30 years in a row, Africa has remained the first destination of Chinese Foreign Minister’s overseas visit marking the beginning of a New Year. It speaks volumes about China’s abiding commitment to this great continent.
“We are pleased and proud that Zimbabwe is an important stop and indeed the last stop of State Counsellor Wang Yi’s trip to Africa, which shows our special trust in Zimbabwe.
“State Counsellor Wang Yi’s engagement with the top leaders of Zimbabwe produced a strong political push for the bilateral relations and a number of tangible outcomes, getting this important relationship to a powerful start in the New Year.”
Mr Guo described China-Zimbabwe cooperation as formidable.
“Sturdiness is also the word I would use to describe China-Zimbabwe relations in 2019,” he said.

Mr Guo chronicled how China stood with Zimbabwe during natural disasters, especially during Cyclone Idai and other projects that were aimed at bringing economic renaissance in the country.
“Unflagging was China’s support for Zimbabwe as it battled against natural disasters and development challenges,” he said.

Tendai Guvamombe