Chipanga pleads with Grace over banned music

OUTSPOKEN musician Hosiah Chipanga says he is seeking audience with first lady Grace Mugabe over his music which is not being played on national radio stations.

In an interview with last Wednesday, Chipanga said he has tried without success to meet President Robert Mugabe over the issue, including discussing politics of the country.

Chipanga’s banned albums are Hero Shoko (2007), Mumweya (2014) and Gamba (2016).

He said it was high time he met Grace, who he described as “the woman in control of Zanu PF at the moment”.

“l am appealing to Mai Mugabe (Grace) because l feel she has a heart of a mother and l hope she will be open to meet me,” he said.

Chipanga said the involvement of Grace in Zanu PF politics has been a wake-up call as a number of ministers had been sleeping on duty.

“Whether we like it or not, Amai is in control. I am looking forward to meeting her and l know she is very accommodative,” he said.

“In my music career spanning almost 40 years, no one has taken me seriously and messages in my songs have been misinterpreted. I have been labelled an enemy of the state and I want to clarify all this to Mai Mugabe. Hopefully she will give me an ear and act, especially on my banned music.

“I would like to tell Amai that God did not let the children of Zimbabwe get their independence without a full set of spanners to fix any problems they would encounter. I have that tool box.”

Chipanga said people misrepresented him when he first attempted to meet Mugabe.

“I want God to bless our first lady so she opens even just one ear and hear my voice in my songs and save this highly-blessed nation,” he said.

“Actually, Amai Mugabe was sent by God to rescue the country. Unfortunately, Zimbabweans are blind to see that, so it is up to us to utilise her.”

Chipanga said he has great respect for the first family, emphasising that those surrounding them (First Family) were peddling lies.

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Gary Murambiwa
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