Chiredzi based Prophet, Madzibaba Tyregy Chigadzira applauds govt for considering churches

By Staff Reporter

Renowned Johanne Masowe eChishanu Prophet, Madzibaba Tyregy Chigadzira from Chiredzi has commended the government of Zimbabwe in its decision to allow congregants to resume church services across the country. Sees an opportunity to pray for COVID-19 among other problems.

Prophet Chigadzira is a well-known Prophet in Zimbabwe, notably among members and non-apostolic members. During the the lockdown period he was active to provide morale support and COVID-19 teachings to his many congregants.

Today he enjoys the benefits of following Government directives on COVID-19 health guidelines.

Speaking to journalists this Thursday, Prophet Tyregy Chigadzira said he is grateful for the noble decision taken by the Government in allowing congregants to start thier church services in the country.

“I would like to thank our Government for allowing churches to reopen and its an opportunity for us to utilize the times given for prayer devotion. It is our duty to pray for our nation so that the whole country may be delivered from this Corona disease.”

Johanne Masowe eChishanu is an apostolic sect that is believed to play a significant role in conducting prayer sessions on behalf of the entire nation.

Prophet Chigadzira told Spotlight Online News Africa that he used to have sleepless nights since the beginning of lockdown period. Despite having huge numbers of worshippers made sure they were all safe from the pandemic.

“I used to have sleepless nights, would encourage all church members not to lose faith but to be safe from COVID-19 pandemic, it was not easy to make a follow up on each and everyone but the good part is our government has been able to make progress in the fight against the disease.”

According to him, being a church leader takes one to have Godly heart and commitment, narrates his desire and love to see church members staying alive.

“I remember having sleepless nights as i raise thier faith that Coronavirus will become history one day. As a leader and father I prayed to see them alive and the general people of our great nation.”

The name ‘Tyregy Chigadzira’ is still popular in some parts of the country after making kind donations in Chiredzi. The event featured on ZBC Television main news.

Tendai Guvamombe