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Chivero Challenge: ensuring environmental protection

Youth, Sports, Arts, and Recreation Minister Honarable Kirsty Coventry said the ongoing Chivero Challenge is an awareness campaign to save biodiversity and wetlands. The event is being organized by Kuimba Shiri, Youth Organizations under the banner of sports.

Coventry made the remarks during day one of the Chivero Challenge proceedings.

“The Chivero Challenge is an International and Mult disciplinary event designed to advance environmental preservation, sports recreation, health, tourism and wellness.”

“As away of biodiversity restoration and wetlands protection and improving our recreational facilities in Zimbabwe, we applaud efforts put by Kuimba Shiri, our youth and respected partners of using sport as awareness tool in saving Lake Chivero,”

The events are a response to the need to save Lake Chivero from siltation, effects of stream bank cultivation, wetlands invasion. This have seen water levels of the might lake dwindling over the years.
The involvement of Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts, and Recreation will go a long way in ensuring the refurbishment of recreational facilities to save environment and promotion of sports tourism.

“My Ministry is working tirelessly to improve sport tourism. The government is moving forward to support sport and recreation to the marginalized and vulnerable construction and refurbishing recreational facilities.”

“My Ministry will play its role in ensuring that sport and recreation activities at Chivero receive attention from the Ministry.”

Tendai Guvamombe