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Chombo and Sunshine Development looted Harare’s prime land


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A special investigations report has revealed how former Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo incahoot with Kenneth Raydon Sharpe, a fraudster looted Harare’s prime land.

The report was presented by Councillor Dumba in 2010. This revealed that Chombo through an illegally imposed caretaker council administered the transfer of prime land to Mr Sharpe.

A series of meetings were held at Chombo’s office outside the knowledge of the Council and Ken Sharpe’s company, Augur Investments was the principal player

This resulted in the formation of Sunshine Development,an illegal joint venture company between City of Harare and Augur Investments.

“The agreement between the City of Harare and Augur was that, Augur was to avail finances for the construction of low and medium income houses in the Warren Hills Golf Course area and Hopley Farm respectively.”

“They were also to construct a hotel in the Golf course area and a truck-inn near Mbudzi Round-about in the hopely area. Council was to provide land for all the projects. The percentage shareholding for Augur was agreed to be 70% and 30℅ respectively.”

The total land that was looted in the name of Sunshine Development projects include Stand 8113 Warren Park 80,5 ha, 8118 Warren Park 20,7 ha, 33 Tariro Hopley 6,1 ha, 34 Tariro Hopley 9,3 ha etc.

The report recommended for the return of all the land transfered after Augur Investment failed to deliver anything. Augur had also breached a number of agreements.

“Council land transferred to Augur must be returned since Augur has breached on its obligations on the deal.”

The joint venture became a special vehicle for Sharpe to receive countless hectares of land from the City of Harare.

Against this background a High Court application by Zimbabwe Homeless People Federation Case No 549 revealed that more land was actually transferred to Augur Investment outside the agreement.

“Interms of the Shareholders Agreement a total of 99, 4197 hectares of land would be transferred to the 7th defendant(Augur Investments). However, more than 239, 3823 hectares of land eventually ended up being transferred to Augur Investments.”

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