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Citizens Forum accuses Ngarivhume for using multiple names

Staff Reporter

The Zimbabwe Citizens Forum has accused Jacob Ngarivhume for misleading the nation by using multiple names to gain political mileage.

Taurai Kandishaya the National Coordinator of Zimbabwe Citizens Forum revealed this at a Press Conference held I’m the Capital on Tuesday where he revealed some of the purported names used by Jacob Ngarivhume.

“We know are aware that Jacob Ngarivhume used different names so that he could gain political mileage. Back as far as 2004 he used names like Jacob Chengedzeni for reasons we do not know.”

According to Kandishaya Ngarivhume was using the name ‘Chengedzeni’ in the past decades under a Trust linked to Axe Rhodesians.

“He used the name Chengedzeni when he was working with a Rhodesian Trust and today he is appearing as Ngarivhume. This is meant to mislead the people.”

Currently Jacob Ngarivhume is in the hands of the police facing allegations of inciting 31 July purported demonstrations.

Tendai Guvamombe