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Citizens Manifesto Coordinator on Fadzai Mahere

By Loice Takarindwa

Taurai Kandishaya, National Coordinator of Zimbabwe Citizens Forum has attacked Fadzai Mahere for showing inconsiderate on the killing of a soilder by armed civilians in Chivhu.

The incident saw culprits getting apprehended by the security details who short them dead after an exchange of fire arms.

Fadzai Mahere had posted on her micro-blogging account demanding to end what she termed ‘militarization of civilian space’.

Taurai Kandishaya is the latest to become a critique of MDC Alliance spokesperson. He accuses her for being puppets of the United States Embassy to foster a regime change in the country.

“One thing Mahere and her MDC Alliance must note is that all thier plans to spearheaded a regime change in this country has failed.”

“Instead of showing concern on the death of our national soilder she is found on the total opposite, supporting the armed civilian. This shows the kind of opposition we have in our country.”

According to Kandishaya the civilians where send by the opposition with the assistance of US Embassy so that UN militia and NATO soilders intervenes in the internal affaiers .

“These are the same people who caused the August shootings and they have come in another manner. This means that thier agenda has completely failed. Both MDC and US Embassy thought thier pupperts who shot our national soilder would help send a message to UN and NATO soilder to interven in our internal matters.”

Tendai Guvamombe