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City Fathers clampdown on illegal Boom Gates


By Farai Hamamunesu

The City of Harare has announced that it will go after illegal Boom Gates erected by some residents in Harare. This follows the increase of unsanctioned Boom Gates in some suburbs of Harare.

In a statement issued by Acting Town Clerk Engineer P Moyo, the authorities now seek compliance for the removal of illegal Boom Gates.


“Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 30 and 47 of Roads Act [Chapter13:18] that all boom gates erected in Harare without Harare City Council authorization are prohibited. Residents that have constructed unapproved boom gates are instructed to remove them. Council will assist with communities where communities fail be compliant.”

According to the Acting Town Clerk, unsanctioned boom gates are now affecting service delivery in the Sunshine City. This has also been causing congestion in some of the roads.

“Council and other service providers are now failing to deliver services due to some sections of roads that are illegally closed off with boom gates. In some extreme cases, congestion is being caused by closure of some roads that result in traffic being channeled to the few remaining free roads.”

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe