Climate Change: Cop25 review ahead of Glasgow

Climate Change Reporter

The last Conference of Parties COP25 held in Madrid Spain which UN Chief described as an important opportunity lost left parties to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in limbo as they dismally failed to rich a consensus.
Before the wrap up of COP25 private sector, and by national, regional and local governments had consented to great work in coming with up global clear plans on climate actions.

While much work have been covered to come up with sustainable measures to reduce global temperatures by at least 1,5 degrees Celsius UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ remarks shows that anticipations for the next Conference of Parties to be held in Glascow is likely to be compromised in terms of reaching the Global Targets to reduce greenhouse gases.

“The international community lost an important opportunity to show increased ambition on mitigation, adaptation & finance to tackle the climate crisis.”

“But we must not give up, and I will not give up.I am more determined than ever to work for 2020 to be the year in which all countries commit to do what science tells us is necessary to reach carbon neutrality in 2050 and a no more than 1.5 degree temperature,” UN Chief said.

The increased Climate Change Ambition left hanging should have paved way on reaching a consensus on contentious issues dealing with loss and damage caused by man-made climate change, as well as financing for adaptation.

The reality of science revolving around Climate Change requires parties under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change to work on enhanced climate plans or nationally determined contributions in order to achieve the low caborn emissions at global level.

However some parties have declined to accept the reality of sceince surrounding the nature of climate change.
Should the differences on climate change persist, the Cop26 to be held this year in Glasgow will negatively affect Climate Change targets of 2030 and 2050

Tendai Guvamombe