climate change is a massive issue: free Zim Congress leader


By Tendai Guvamombe (Harare)

Free Zim Congress leader Joseph M Busha has expressed concern over the effects of climate change in the country which now calls for urgent actions to save lives and biodiversity.

Speaking at a press conference held in the capital this Friday Busha said climate change is a massive issue which need urgent attention from the government to save natural inhabitants.

“As Zimbabweans climate change is a massive issue to us and I am saying what do we need to do as a country to address these challenges, for example we have our own Kariba with a low hydro power due to dwindling water levels with animals dying due to drought.”

“All these challenges are all emanating from global warming which has been coming and we can see the temperatures rising in the recent times.”

According to Busha urgent plan anchoring on a national strategy has to be adopted to ensure enough water reserves for the nation and also to conserve natural inhabitants.

“We need to have a plan and national strategy to ensure water harvest for the entire nation to save lives and biodiversity.”

Free Zim Congress leader also castigated farmers who are involved in unnecessary cutting down of trees in some places of the country saying national citizens need to have a better understanding of ecosystem issues.

“Us as local citizens lets not cut down trees, there is a lot of deforestation by farmers in some places of the country, for example the greater part of kwa Bhora in Murehwa is deforested  because people do not have a better understanding of ecosystem issues.”

Joseph Busha is also expected to bring  on board climate change issues at a  conference on economic policies to be held in the Capital.

Tendai Guvamombe