Climate Change Management Department Engages Private Sector

Climate Change Department in partnership with UNDP last week Thursday in the Capital held a Private Sector Workshop on Climate Change Bill and Part XXI of Securities and Exchange (Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Listing Requirements) Rules, 2019.
Speaking in a statement, Director Climate Change Management Department Dr Washington Zhakata said the purpose of the programme was meant to discuss sections of the draft climate change bill ahead of the implementation of low emission development strategy.

“The purpose of the programme is aimed at discussing sections of the draft climate change bill and how they relate to Part XXXI of Securities and Exchange(Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Listing Requirements) Rules of 2019 SI 134. The global, regional and national climate change and sustainable development policy, legislative and regulatory environment is changing at an unprecedented pace.”
“Going forward the country will have a low emission development strategy by end of 2019, a climate change Law in 2020 and a National Adaptation Plan by 2021.”

Dr Zhakata reiterated that the government continues to provide a platform for discussions to incorporate stakeholders in the climate change agenda and to allow smooth flow of regulatory procedures.

“The government continues to provide platform for discussions with various sectors so as to ensure its actions do not impede the smooth flow development of any sector. Dialogue is important in ensuring that government and other stakeholders have the same vision and strategic objectives, climate change agenda is relatively new and should not duplicate procedures and requirements already in force.”

Zimbabwe ratified the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and is expected to contribute to the reduction of green house emissions through nationally determined actions a move which will see multilateral institutions such as world bank, EIB and Africa Development Bank already pledging to finance climate action programmes.

Lawrence Mashungu, Climate Change Expert in the Climate Change Management Department, said Zimbabwe have a number mitigation options on its Low Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) with a wide range of investment opportunities for the country.

“The vision is to achieve a climate resilient and low carbon emissions for Zimbabwe. As a country we have come up with low emission development strategy in line with UNFCCC 2020 target. The leds covers 38 mitigation options for different sectors and there is a financing strategy for these options and monitoring reporting verification inacodance with Zim Emission Profile.”

“ Basically there are 38 chosen mitigation options and what we want to achieve with LEDS is to decouple economic growth and Green House Gases.”
Tawanda Muzamwesa Executive Director of Business Council for Sustainability emphasized the need to see Climate Change Department working hand in hand with ZImbabwe Stock Exchange in order to ensure monitoring, reporting and verification standards and the move will open doors for environmental sustainability in governments.
“On the nexus between sustainability reporting and climate mitigation we need to see Climate Change Management Department working hand in hand with ZImbabwe Stock Exchange to ensure Monitoring Reporting and Verification and this will help open doors of Environmental and Sustainability Governments.

Tendai Guvamombe