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By Billet Magara

A pandemic hits us in the gut and lungs like a boxing punch.

We double over with paroxysms of agony both physical and mental. We watch loved ones die and receive lone paupers’ burials because we are detained “for our sake” in our new prisons…the ones we built with our own hands for our children.

Then the message comes saying the disease wiping us out as the human race “is not curable” ! “Please stay in your homes” while your companies crash, while your bank account dwindles, food supplies stagnate, hunger rears it’s gorgon head, children lose the strength to cry, cities echo emptily with the crunch of martial boots and de-dignified VIPS fight for toilet paper in developed countries !

As the mystery deepens, caskets mount with mounting sorrow and earth gyrates and writhes, seven billion faces contorted into grim masks but billionaires fly in air routes abandoned by lesser humans.

They sure make this virus a king or queen! Not curable? Those who say this have never even been in a bush bigger than their urban gardens. They don’t know any herbs or alternative remedies but are confident about their magnificent lie.

How is it that we have a disease with no name? Just the virus that causes it and it’s abbreviation are the only tags we have.

While pastors and professors are attempting to answer this universal conundrum, I have one suggestion to make while we await their stuttering responses. Please practice steam bathing.

Steam steam steam yourselves and your children. Add mint, eucalyptus, lemon, ginger or garlic (any one of them) to the hot water and cover you self with a thick blanket (if you have no spa or sauna) and breathe deep like the devil has stuck a knife into your side. Hold your breath and exhale. Do this repeatedly for 20 mins.

If it’s comfortable it’s wrong. It should be uncomfortably hot, will make you sweat waterfalls, but it will keep you alive long enough to hear the answers to the above questions when they come.

Tendai Guvamombe