Coronavirus has no impact on Zimbabwe-China Relations, Ambassador

Diplomatic Correspondent

Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, His Excellence Mr. Guo Shaochun said the locals living in China are safe from Corona Virus, with the situation moving towards a recovery path.

“Zimbabweans living in China are being taken care of and they are safe from Corona Virus as the situation of Corona is improving, the signs of recovery are very high.”

The Chinese Ambassador made the remarks while delivering his key note address at POLAD Economic Summit held on Thursday in the Capital.

He added that the two governments are working closer to ensure safety of locals in China. Meanwhile the Chinese Government has issued restrictions on its migrants.

“The Embassy in China is working closely with the Government to take care of Zimbabweans in China. Despite the recovery Chinese Government has issued travel restrictions on its migrants to avoid spread of the disease.”

Despite being affected by Coronavirus Chinese economy remains resilient and unperturbed. Promises to offer humanitarian aid to Zimbabwe.

“Coronavirus brings no impact on the Economy. The little impacts are momental and will not affect Zimbabwe China relations. We continue to render food assistance and grants to Zimbabwe.”

Tendai Guvamombe