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Coronavirus will be history please stay calm, says Sekuru Banda

Africa’s richest traditional healer Dr Sekuru Banda has urged all Zimbabweans to remain unperturbed by the global health disaster, COVID-19 that has claimed lives, says it is just a momentous phenomenon that will eventually elapse.

Speaking to SpotLight Online News Africa, the revered Indigenous medical practitioner said people across the nation should be optimistic in overcoming Coronavirus. Urged fellow citizens to uphold basic precaution measures enforced by the government in lessening the spread of the pandemic.

“In a situation like this it is normal that people turns to panic but what is needed at the moment i urge all people not to panic the disease, instead we should remain hopeful and focused because Coronavirus will not stay forever. It is just a moment where people just need to be united in the fight against the pandemic,” he said.

The indigenous medical specialist admonished fake prophecies and unspecified theories around the COVID-19 cure says only basic precautions and hygienic principles prescribed by the government under World Health Organization (WHO) will save lives.

“This is not a time for playing jokes with people through fake prophesies and unspecified cures. People should avoid unnecessary movements, avoid close contacts and must always practice safe hygienic prencples through the use of sanitizers, washing hands with soaps. Staying at home is ideal to overcome COVID-19 and that way many lives will be saved.”

The wealth bearer also said he is an epitomic exemplary of people who limited frequent visits to major places regardless of his prestigious position in the society.

“I and myself we have been practicing basic hygiene and we haven’t made frequent visits to some of the places.”

Dr Sekuru Banda becomes the first indigenous medical practitioner to make interventions at a time when the entire globe is battling a deadly pandemic.

Tendai Guvamombe