COVID-19 pandemic to force closure of schools without adequate testing facilities

Staff Reporter

Schools without proper COVID-19 testing facilities are likely to face closure in the event of experiencing outbreak to the pandemic.

The Government revealed this during the Post Cabinet Briefing held in the Capital this Tuesday.

“To ensure that schools do not become flashpoints for the spread of COVID-19, Cabinet resolved that where COVID-19 cases are suspected in schools without adequate testing facilities, these schools should be immediately closed in order to allow for testing of all pupils and only those who test negative return to school. Schools with adequate facilities may continue lessons while testing proceeds and those who test positive are excluded. ”

This follows recent reports of COVID-19 cases at a local school in Matebaland North and the COVID-19 Taskforce together with Sub- Committees in the area are said to be putting necessary measures to curb the pandemic from spreading.

Tendai Guvamombe