Zim Youths join hands in fighting COVID-19

By Staff Reporter

Zimbabwean youths have expressed optimism in overcoming Coronavirus, a phenomenon that has wrecked havoc across the world.

In the midst of tragedy brought about by the pandemic, young people in the country have joint hands together in raising awareness in an attempt to mitigate the effects of the deadly pandemic to the upcoming generation.

Jean Bertrand Mhandu, Director of Earth Day Africa Chapter said he is currently working with young people across the nation to join the hush tag COVID-19 fight campaigns. This anchors on initiating behavior change among the youth from dwelling on the negatives towards a society full of optimism.

“Amidst the pandemic as young people we remain optimistic and hopeful, supporting one another with encouragement such that we do not dwell on the negatives but what we can do to sail through this challenge.”

Mhandu who have since joined many young people world wide to utilize social media in raising awareness believes that there is every reason to overcome the pandemic at a time when the globe is still deal with climate issues.

“We sort to ensure everything does not completely stop especially our efforts to combat climate change, which will likely to impose such pandemics or worse in the near future, we have taken action to educate most through social media platforms.”

Lauretta Marembo another youth said she is collaborating with various young people to initiate behaviour change through different social media platforms. This is expected to have a wide reach of audience.

“At a time like this as youth we hope to initiate online campaigns so that we get to come up with innovative ways to overcome the current crisis of Coronavirus.”

Tendai Guvamombe