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DAPP: Debunking traditional norms that impedes on Rights of Disabled Persons

Development Aid of People through People(DAPP) is currently in the process to implement Youth Actions Programme in a bid to foster involvement of Young People With Disabilities(YWDs) on various spheres of influence.

The Non-Governmental forum seeks to uphold the United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and at the same time debunking from myth from old practices that are seen to be hindering Young Persons With Disabilities(YWDs) from progressing to various levels of success.

This came to light during a training programme on Youth Actions on the implementation and monitoring of Disability Rights held in Bindura from Wednesday to Thursday.

The symposium identified a number of myths drawn from old practices that are in sharp contradiction with statutes enshrined in the Universal declarations on rights of people with disabilities.

Speaking to Spotlight Online News Africa Petros Muzuva DAPP Programmes Manager highlighted on how some traditional practices and norms have been violating rights of persons with disabilities.

“Streamlining Disability issues will effectively address some of the traditional barriers that impedes on the rights of persons with disabilities. This needs a total redress and as an organization we seek to promote actions that debunks from old practices towards domestication of United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

Traditionally some religious beliefs misconcerpt causes of disability to witchcraft, case and sometimes attribute the condition to evil spirits. Some societies mistreat persons with albinism through name calling, labelling and in some instances fails fails to owner them with dignity.

Against this background DAPP seeks to eliminate such barriers through capacity building initiatives aimed at making Young Persons With Disabilities (YWDs) realize the importance of Rights of Persons with Disabilities through advocacy.

According to Muzuva, DAPP brought together Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs), Young Persons With Disabilities(YWDs), Civic Based Organization(CSOs) and Duty Bearers to address existing gapes and find long lasting partnerships that help address a number of obstacles.

“As an organization we identified existing gapes among stakeholders that deals with disability issues which are a limiting factor for persons with disabilities. We identified priorities of YWDs, DPOs, CSOs together with Duty Bearers and through training workshops will foster working relations among them to strengthen representation of of Young People with Disabilities in all spheres.”

“This will be a three year Programme where all relevant stakeholders link with each other operating in a district on sustainable grounds and this will help equip young people to become vocal on disability issues in all societal levels.”

Speaking on behalf of Bindura District Development Coordinator, Cuthbert Huvaya Principal Adminstration Officer reiterated on the importance of young people to raise advocacy on disability issues so as to inform polices that benefit people with disabilities.

“We are now urging for the empowerment of Young Persons With Disabilities (YWDs) to raise advocacy on disability issues, this will lessen some of the obstacles affecting them and its high time for them to advocate for polices that addresses plight of persons with disabilities.”

Tendai Guvamombe