DCC member humiliated over debt


By  Staff Reporter

Mazowe District Coordinating Committee (DCC)secretary for Production Tichaona Chawana has been humiliated in a party provincial group for failing to pay a debt.


The disgruntled supporter only identified as Codza sent his disgust blasting Chawana saying as long as the party has such kind of people, president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s 5 million target will not be reached.


“Musangano wedu waita vanhu vanovhara macdes ipapa ndine mukuru akandimisa mutwn kubva nezuro achiti akundipa Mari yangu , l am telling you as long as we have vanhu vakaita saCde Chawana we will not achieve the targeted 5 million votes,” fumed Codza.


Chawana responded saying he was going to prove him wrong.


“Thanx cde nemashoko ako l shall prove to you kuti unorwara handisi type iyoyo,” wrote Chawana.


But the powered Codza had none of those labelling Chawana a thief.


“Cde siyanai chimbavha can l forward mamsg enyu pagroup pano ndipeyi Mari yangu chete.”



Meanwhile, Chawana has been misfiring on social media by fighting his leadership a move which was barred by the President.


The President yesterday told his Politiburo that all organs including the DCC should drive everyone to ZANU PF but this is not the case in Mazowe with Chawana being the ring leader of controversy.


Staff Reporter
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