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DCC members defy Mnangagwa’s order


By Loice Takarindwa (Staff Reporter)

TWO ZANU PF Mazowe District Coordinating Committee (DCC) secretary for Production Tichaona Chawana and Secretary for Education Nobert Mazungunye are reportedly going against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s order of barring party members from attacking each other on social media.

Recently Mazungunye wrote insulting messages for Chawana to DCC chairperson Tafadzwa Musarara after he urged his members to embrace the Pfumvudza program.

Chawana who is well-known for his Shona responses responded in English blasting Musarara telling him that he was not the government as Pfumvudza is a government program.

Supporters in the ZANU PF Dare Mash Central WhatsApp group blasted chawana and Mazungunye for conniving to attack their leadership.

“That guy is being a divisionist and Mamparanoid. That Zanu PF is in power means it is the custodian of all state policies and program’s. Musararas message was to call for timely and proper preps. I find nothing wrong with that. That guy’s response is counter Revolutionary and retrogressive. It undermines the party. Don’t forget that the MDC is opposed to pfumvudza , so even if it’s a government program Zanu PF is the anchor,” a supporter said.

“ZANUPF the ruling government so as a party we have the right to monitor it. This is the advantage of the ruling party to make sure that our pple are benefiting from government programs tikasiya government program tichiti I program ye government party haipinde we will be wrong,” another supporter said.

In a phone interview with Secretary for Education Nobert Mazungunye, denied fuelling factionalism in the party saying he has remained obedient as a child of ZANU PF.

“I was born a ZANU PF member, all my parents are members of the party. I do not have any reason to attack my superiors. I respect them.”

Efforts to get a comment from Secretary for Production, Tichaona Chawana were fruitless as his phone went unanswered.

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